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Home of the only 4Hour Licensed To Carry Handgun Class in Texas

The ONLY business in TX. that can GUARANTEED your Application ready to mail or your MONEY BACK!!!

The Normal Price is " $182" per Person!
Grab this special below while it lasts! 

19. Montana
20. Nebraska
21. New Hampshire
22. New Mexico
23. North Carolina
24. North Datkota
25. South Dakota
26. Ohio
27. Oklahoma
28. Pennsylvania
29. South Carolina
30. Tennessee
31. Utah
32. Vermont
33. Virginia
34. Washington
35. West Virginia
36. Wyoming

Gun that needs a concealed handgun license in Houston, TX



1 or 2

​Now the ONLY Gun Licensing Service doing business in TX. providing a 2 hour Private Class for your Gun License Certification Service, only $150. each & GUARANTEED ready to mail or your MONEY BACK!

Person $100.


States that accept a Florida License:

1. Texas
2. Florida
3. Alabama
4. Alaska
5. Arizona
6. Arkansas
7. Colorado
8. Delaware
9. Georgia
10. Idaho
11. Indiana
12. Iowa
13. Kansas
14. Kentucky
15. Louisiana
16. Michigan
17. Mississippi
18. Missouri


       4 Hour License To Carry a Handgun.com (Open or Concealed)

The only 4 Hour License To Carry Class in Texas that can provide FBI Finger Prints & Shooting on site at no extra charge!

  • Legally Instructed Course with all legal aspects covered. 
  • Passport Photo.... by Uniformed Officer on site!
  • FBI Fingerprints.........by Uniformed Officer on site!
  • Gun discharge....supervised....by Uniformed Officer on site!
  • Gun and Ammo provided
  • All Documents filled out before you go! 
  • Notary and Diploma!
  • 7 Year License, renewed by mail!
  • Legal License to carry permit in Texas, 37 other states and NOW Puerto Rico!

Protect Yourself and Your Family.

Get Your CHL Today!

Phone: (281) 813-1813

Mail: info@4HrLTC.com

Class Instructors

The ONLY Business in Texas with a Texas DPS Certified Instructor in business 13 years with advertised special prices every 2 weeks.
  • Certified Instructor Approved by Florida Licensing Division.

  • The ONLY Licensing Service Business with a National Rifle Association Certified Pistol Instructor with Police on duty doing license Certification for 13 years.

Did you know if you take any class but ours

it takes 2 days?

That's right, no other Business that is a Gun Licensing Service in TX. Can do FBI Finger Prints! We have Police on duty for that, Which makes us, the ONLY One Stop Shop in TX.

We're the only Licensing Service Business in Texas Authorized to do FBI  Finger Prints for Gun Licenses!