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With Uniformed Police we're the only class in Texas GUARANTEED ready to mail or your MONEY BACK!


Register for Your License to Carry Permit in Houston, TX

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Home of the only four hour Licensed To Carry Class in Texas

GUARANTEED ready to mail or your MONEY BACK ! ! !

I call on Congress today to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed officers in every single school in this nation.”-

Wayne LaPierre NRA

Registration is EASY!
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 The Normal Price of  $182. each has been reduced to $100

Did you know if you take any class but ours you'll spend 2 days!  That's right, 1 day chasing your Finger Prints!  

We're the only class in Texas Authorized to provide FBI  Finger Prints ! 

  • Family comes first. 

  • Integrity matters.

  • Justice should prevail. 

  • Service above self. 

  • Honesty is a given. 

  • Humility is a gift. 

Who Can Apply?

  1. You must be 21 years of age.
  2. You must be a citizen or permanent resident alien to apply. If Citizen bring current Driver License or State issued ID, If resident alien you must be able to prove 90 consecutive days of residence in your home state; utility bills, pay stubs, credit statement and provide USCIS# from Homeland Security.  The same applies if you were born outside the U.S.
  3. You cannot have been convicted of a felony, misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, adjudicated mentally defective by any court of law, or in the last 3 years have been committed for control substance or alcohol abuse, or DUI conviction in the last 3 years, unless expungment or pardon has changed your eligibility or, you have received relief from the ATF.

You need no money up front! Our Certification class is the only one in Texas providing FBI finger prints, shooting, (our gun/ammo at no charge) and EVERYTHING ELSE.  GUARANTEED ready to mail or your money back!

Email  Tell us how you heard about us and how many in your group.  We'll confirm by phone or PayPal, which ever you use. Only those individuals registered will be guaranteed a spot. 

Demand for our class has been overwhelming, secure your spot NOW.........

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